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Dongan combines their 100 year history of specialty transformer manufacturing expertise with a complete catalog of stock transformers. With facilities in Michigan and Ohio, Dongan is a major supplier of dry-type, industrial control, residential and industrial ignition, motor drive isolation, and CE Marked transformers to customers throughout North America. Dongan Online Sales is a stocking distributor of electrical automation products and parts. We carry Dongan Transformers, motor drive isolation, and ignition transformers to satisfy a full range of industrial factory and process applications. Dongan Online Sales is your best source for Dongan Transformers products.

Dongan Product Data Sheets:
  Dongan Buck-Boost Sizing Table 1
Dongan Buck-Boost Sizing Table 2
Dongan Ignition Transformer Catalog
Dongan Series 50 Screw Terminals Catalog
Dongan Series HC Molded Terminals Catalog
Dongan ES - CE Marked Catalog
Dongan K Factor Transformers for Harmonic Loads
Dongan Lighting Disconnect Catalog
Dongan Motor Drive Isolation Transformers Catalog
Dongan Single Phase Ventilated Catalog
Dongan Single Phase Encapsulated Catalog
Dongan Single Phase Cabinet Style Catalog
Single Phase Encapsulated Transformer Catalog
Three Phase 3 kVA - 9 kVA Encapsulated Catalog
Three Phase 15 kVA - 150 kVA Ventilated Catalog
Three Phase 3kVA - 9 kVA Ventilated Catalog
Dongan 33 Series Control Transformer Catalog