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Dongan combines their 100 year history of specialty transformer manufacturing expertise with a complete catalog of stock transformers. With facilities in Michigan and Ohio, Dongan is a major supplier of dry-type, industrial control, residential and industrial ignition, motor drive isolation, and CE Marked transformers to customers throughout North America. Spec-Tech Electric is a stocking distributor of electrical automation products and parts. We carry Dongan Transformers, motor drive isolation, and ignition transformers to satisfy a full range of industrial factory and process applications. Dongan Online Sales is your best source for Dongan Transformers products.

Motor Drive Isolation Transformers
Dongan Single Phase Cabinet Style
Dongan Motor Drive Isolation Transformers
Three Phase 3 - 145 kVA.

UL Listed, File E78234.
CSA Certified, LR560.

3 - 7.5 kVA are copper wound and equipped with a UL 200C insulation system and a 115C temperature rise.
Windings connect to compression style terminals, eliminating the need to purchase additional connectors.
11 - 145 kVA are aluminum wound and equipped with a UL 220C insulation system and a 150C temperature rise. Windings connect to buss bar style terminations equipped with NEMA standard holes for user supplied compression style terminals.NEMA-3R, ventilated, cabinet style enclosure suitable for indoor or outdoor use. No extra rainshields required for outdoor use.
Electrostatic shield between windings provides cleaner output voltage and helps to reduce spikes and transients.

Vibration dampening pads provide quiet operation
Core and coil and nonstandard designs are available by consulting the factory, your Dongan distributor or your Dongan representative.

Primary Secondary
230 230 Y / 133
230 460 Y / 266
460 230 Y / 133
460 460 Y / 266
575 230 Y / 133
575 460 Y / 266

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